BHRR’s Barkley is out of surgery now. In quoting the Vet, Barkley is ‘one lucky dog for within the next 24 hours, the flip flop would have perforated and most likely he would then be dead’. This would have been an excruciating painful way to die. She removed one huge piece of flip flop and had to remove 4″ of his intestine. There were 2 other areas on his intestine that had adhesions yet appeared otherwise normal enough that the Vet felt that as the flip flop had passed through that area already(most likely obstructed in those areas and then eventually worked its way through), that a perforation leading to possible peritonitis should not be a major factor for those spots so she did not go into those areas to explore more closely. This is what we were discussing last night before he came to KAH, that the flip flop had to have been obstructing his intestine, then was passed further down and then obstructed again and then moved once more and then led to this final full obstruction. I cannot imagine how agonizing this had to have been for him. Of course, there is a chance that those areas could perforate as they were damaged and have adhesions and of course peritonitis is a huge concern for the area that was operated on. His stomach was full yet no foreign or hard body material to be found. His bw did come back with a slight elevation on his WBC yet surprisingly enough, his kidneys and liver are showing no signs of damage. He is resting now and around 7:30 PM or so tonight, I shall bring him home and will set up our `triage`area for him to recoup in. He will be on Deramaxx 100 mg plus Gastro wet food for the next 4 days or so and was given a Cerenia injection last night(for vomiting). He will be coming home with Clavamox(antibiotics too). BHRR`s Barkley is one `miracle`dog, that is all that we can say. Keep him in your thoughts and if I remember, I shall bring my camera to KAH to take a picture of this flip flop and will be posting pictures of this sweet survivor! I also want to thank those that have donated funds to his `BEGGING FOR BARKLEY` Fundraiser. The next 24 hours is our `goal`for him and then our new goal shall be the next `24` hours after that and then the next `24`hours. One step at a time here for Barkley.