BHRR’s Aslan UPDATE & Short Video Below:
He got to hang out at KAH today. He had a lovely, if short visit with Auntie Margaret, and weighted 37.1 KGS(81.66 pounds). I would like to see about another ten on him, not too much more than that….
He is either a small male Leonberger or a mix and for that right matched forever loving home, it shall not matter.
He had a heart worm test, presurgical bw, was microchipped, had a manicure/pedicure, full exam(aced!), obtained his next tube or revolution and had his vaccines.
He began his de-worming protocol when he first arrived to BHRR and a fecal shall also be performed.
I asked some of lovelies that I work with to give him treats and that was huge for him! His lean manners are really good, he knows some of his basic commands now and, he will be scheduled for his neuter in about two-three weeks time.
So many compliments on what a nice man he is and, how great his coat looks!
He was still worried about any men he saw yet, much better and his reaction is always avoidance. He will overcome that in time.
A good day! 🙂