So, I took at height on BHRR’s Ava Marie last night; she is about 36″ and one of the tallest females I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I would like to see her weight around 150 yet as she loses weight; I will get a better idea with that incredible bone/substance that she has; where she should fall and 150 pounds is my target for her at this time. I will adjust as necessary. She is going to be fed 4 smaller meals a day so that she does not feel hungry; and bringing her food total of cups to about 6 cups a day. She did not eat her supper well last night and that is not surprising and after one ‘moment’ of her resisting going into her 45″ in height collosal crate(THANKS again Theresa!); she has been fine going in and out. She has not yet peed or pooped that I have seen and today, we shall work on the comfort level going into the fenced in yard. She has been fully integrated with all and other than BHRR’s Dana still trying to determine if Ava Marie could possibly be a new Dane friend to make as one of her mischief making protege’s and corrupt or if Ava Marie is just too ladylike for her ‘liking’ all has been quiet! LOL LOL Dana just cracks me up! For some reason, Ava Marie will not lie on one of the Kuranda beds(she will walk across them) or a dog bed. She will lie on our hardwood floors and I do not want that. As with BHRR’s Albert; we would love to have any donations of gently used comforters/duvets; any sizes; to have on hand for her now and after her surgeries. We would be happy to meet anyone in the area for pick up or contact one of our Volunteers to possibly connect with someone in your area to hold on to for us until we get a chance to hook up. Within the next day or so, I am hoping to get a video posted of her and I really hope that our supporting public will become a fan of hers and open up their own hearts to considering to assist her with even a donation of $5.00. With your kindness and those of others, we will get closer to that $6,000 mark!!! We have promised to make Ava Marie the best that she can be and give her the most quality filled life she deserves and we continue to rely on that ‘chain of success’ that makes BHRR the stellar program it is; in order to do this for Ava Marie. We can not do this all alone and she is in need of much right now. Her personality is sweetness personified and I am truly looking forward in getting to know her better and to see what she is like once she loses weight, comes out of her honymoon period and is not living in chronic crippling pain/lameness.