Laurie Evans, ON

Laurie wrote: “A HUGE thank you to BHRR for opening their doors to all of us, and their hearts to all the animals in need!! I have visited many rescue/rehab organizations over the years… and I have NEVER come across anything like BHRR! I was overwhelmed by the ‘healing energy’ I experienced the very first minute I walked through the front door. There are no words to describe the deep gratitude I feel for Gwen and her amazing family watching them dedicate their lives to helping the beautiful souls in their care. I am humbled by the experience, and I am inspired to do more… If we all search our contacts and FB friends to find at least ‘ONE’ person who does not know about BHRR and we share the magic… then we can grow the number of supporters BHRR presently has. I challenge all of us to increase BHRR’s FB ‘likes’ to over 2000 by the end of the year!! WE can do this for BHRR, because every new supporter is a potential donor for this incredible organization!!!! Let’s get them more help ($$$) so Gwen and Sean can save more beautiful souls who need them… without the unrelenting pressure of running out of food!! I know we can do it! :)”