BHRR Inc’s Storm is now on Day 22 of her heat and we are almost done…phewww! From there, we shall wait until her uterus comes back to a normal state and then spay. She was another HUGE hit at the BHRR Inc’s Mini Open House yesterday and I am hoping that her forever loving home shall not be long in the making. I did notice today that she has begun to have a ‘reaction’ to the metal buckle on one of the collars donated to her. So, I have her in a martingale collar at this time and her new home will have to be careful about metal being near her skin. The collar she is wearing now is a donation from T. Davis and her fellow Vet Tech team at Algonquin College from the small Fundraiser they held for BHRR Inc. in November with some collar sales. She looks so lovely in those shades of pink and purple!