Before I went to bed in the wee hours of this AM, I introduced BHRR’s Albert to PPSS last night and other than one attempt to hump him(PPSS is over 36″ tall and Albert is around 30″ – will measure), did not bother again. Though, he kept looking at BHRR’s Potter who made a fast beeline for my couch and me! So, other than 8 dogs here; BHRR’s Albert has been fully integrated. He has obviousy not met BHRR’s Storm and has not been introduced to BHRR’s Parker, Porridge, Hamilton The Newf, CH. Dyceman, Multi CH. Bronson nor CH. Tain and now BHRR’s Mindy. When we have a dog come in like BHRR’s Albert, it really brings to light, what we just ‘take’ for granted. Things like the TV do not ‘scare’ me yet it terrifies Albert. 😥 The sound of the dishwasher, a rocking chair rocking, the telephone ringing are all so foreign to sweet Albert and he rushes to his crate and safety. My heart strings are really being wrenched with this dear old man. He does get very animated when he sees his reflection in the oven door or in a mirror and wags his tail and will bump the mirror or oven door with his nose in animation. It is so CUTE! I am a wee bit worried about him as he has not eaten today at all. He did have a normal poop, just inside the door AND he did ask to go out. SO that was huge. I gave him a really yummy knuckle bone and a treat yet they have remained untouched in his crate. He wants to spend the majority of his time either pacing or sitting way back in his crate. 😥 While I refuse to feel pity for Albert as that is not in his best interest; my heart is definitely pouring out in understanding of all that I can imagine that he has gone through and why he is the way he is. I keep telling Albert that there is no rush and that he is now safe.