BHRR’s Albert had a good day. Took him most of the day to finish his breakfast and his crate has turned into his ‘safe’ spot and if a noise frightens him, he will go into his crate and sit at the back of it. 😥 If you tell the other dogs to not play so rough, Albert also tends to react and go to his crate. Poor boy. He has been successfully integrated with Guinness, Windsor and Kingston today and has shown no interest in mounting them but poor Potter, man, Albert sure wants to ‘love’ on him. 🙄 Today, BHRR’s Potter also developed a bit of this ‘tude of ‘my mommy is watching, you can’t touch this’ and that is not to his benefit at all. The number of times I have run outside barefoot in the snow to ‘save’ him and one time I did not get there before Albert did and Albert’s one nail caught on Potter’s stump as he was trying to mount him and as Potter’s Vet told me about his own Boxer; the healed skin just tore like paper. Apparently, Boxers healed skin can take to re-injury quite easily for some time after it has healed. Now, Potter is sporting about 2.5″ of injury on his stump as the freshly healed skin just tore right open in one area. I have pictures to post of BHRR’s Potter’s stump from before XMAS and January 13th and now I will also post pictures from today. Albert did nothing out of meanness, he is just doing what he has done his whole life. Potter on the other hand, is much more subdued with his ‘tude and is close to my side. I had not taken Potter off his antibiotics as of yet and we shall continue that course. Tomorrow, we will integrate Albert with another couple of dogs, except of course, BHRR’s Storm due to her being in heat. He is a nice old chap, quiet and the really sad part is that he has no concept of a treat. He just leaves them in his crate. 🙁 He did poop in his crate overnight. I took him out around 3:00 AM before I went to bed and when Sean was up by 6:00 AM, there was an accident yet he has not had another accident in the house since. You just want to hug and squish him yet while he wishes to be ‘around’ me, having not had touching or affection, he is not sure what it is all about and it makes him ‘flighty’ or he will lower his head and tremble. Baby steps Albert. Baby steps….one moment at a time dear old man. I cannot wait for people to meet him at the Open House and will have to take things slow so that he does not become overwhelmed with all the people and our dogs milling around. I might have him out first and then when things get busy, just let him go to his ‘safe’ spot and take in the sights and sounds from there. We will see how things go. The next Open House is not until February and a lot can happen with his progress and I will let Albert call the pace.