I brought in some more blood for BHRR’s Storm to re-test. I will also be bringing her in within the next while to obtain a new weight on her to see how she is gaining, for it is still very slow, much slower than I would like to see. She is happy, eating and drinking well and what a ham of a pup she is! She is now fully housebroken and her words to go outside in this cold weather is ‘go out and play’ and she is leaping like the KangaDane she is off the front steps to go out and pee plus play! I have pictures from XMAS and some from earlier to still add. She is my daughters best friend and she just soaks up her attention in wanting to have pretty hats/scarves put on her and I know that if I allowed it, Storm would LOVE to have her nails painted by Kinsley. LOL If we obtain excellent results from this round of bw, then I will move forward in spaying Storm soon and then placing her up for adoption for her new forever loving home can continue to work on her obedience without me. She is such a rare dog in that she has proven to be totally ‘bomb’ proof with everything and everyone. She still does some ‘shaking’ if she is unsure yet with a quick calming word or sign, she is out and about investigating plus exploring.