After some investigation plus research, I had my suspicions confirmed that not only was full disclosure not given to us in respect to L.J.’s AKA King(his real name) medical situation(he was never taken to a Vet prior to coming to BHRR and our emails plus paperwork sent to be completed were left unanswered) yet we were not given full disclosure on his behavour history/background while with this other rescue person/group. I had sent off some emails upon my return with King last Saturday December 19th expressing my concerns in respect to a dog that we were told was ‘one way’ yet clearly was another and I have been working with animals a very long time in regards to training plus behavour and King’s behavour was not settling 100% well with me. I then was very direct with the person who signed him over to us(she also never did answer as to why he was being even sent to another Rescue via emails nor the official legal paperwork) on this and other matters such as records for vetting. By her own later email admission King would ‘go at it always’ in her home with at least one of her dogs, that it was ‘not safe’ for her kids and she had indicated that she would take King to the Vet for his sneezing yet King had untreated pneumonia upon his arrival to BHRR. This person said he had been on antibiotics for his sneezing yet despite repeated emails, no Vet documentation was sent nor faxed nor handed over when I picked him up. This person was well aware that I had kids, that we are a multi-dog home plus Rescue, that we do not take in human aggressive dogs and that we focus on the SN’s and she well knew about Potter and him healing from his amputation and yet she knowingly, despite emails exchanged on all of the above in regards to this Dane plus another they wanted us to assist, Fiona(who also was tested by another organization – BHRR would not commit to her until such time as I assessed/evaluated her myself which could not be done until end of December – as being very unsuitable for adoption with her own behavour and aggressiveness); sent us a very dog/human aggressive plus contagious dog. She said King was ‘dominant’ yet dog aggression and human aggression is not a simple case of ‘dominance’ behavour at all. King demonstrated clear human(male) and dog aggression to no less than 4 male people in the short time he was under our authority and other than the first night; not one of my dogs from the very old – almost 11 years to the very young; just a pup of barely 4 months of age could go near him. Needless to say, I and my current BOD are displeased and we have made it extremely clear that we shall not assist this peson(rescue again). King was ‘ok’ with me, yet very aggressive to Sean when he returned from N.B. on the Sunday with our kids, 2 of my Male Volunteers plus one Male Vet. King was humanely euthanized on Tuesday December 22nd, 2009.