BHRR's Flint is hanging with me at work today and his new weight @ 4 months is now 30.6 Kgs(67.32 pounds) – he almost weighs as much as our HOBBIT who is 8 months of age.
In just three weeks he has put on another 13.42 pounds! No longer uber skinny and terrified, he is rocking the world! He had a FANTASTIC two days at PV Stittsville this past weekend. Only two small moments, one with a man – soft woof and then we made a new friend! and then on Sunday with two girls and was just re-directed.
His baseball bat of a tail has been wagging non-stop and it was so heart warming to see how many people who saw him when he first arrived and then again this past weekend and noted JUST how amazing he is continuing to be!!!!
We will do pre-surgical bw today and boosters and check out those bilateral cherry eyes again and when he is older, we will have them fixed!

UPDATE: The Vet has thoroughly examined him and his severe underbite is much worse and so, when he is under for his cherry eyes – his left eye is much worse than his right, those teeth will be addressed. We also shall get a much better look at those back hips of his…..

WHAT a brave man he was!!!