L.J. AKA Jay as I am calling him for ‘short’ is now here! I have added two pictures; Slides #1 and #2 sent to me from December 18th, 2009. He has a gorgeous profile and is very similar of a German built Great Dane, a bit shorter and quite broad in comparision to the typical ‘American’ lines. He weighed about 125 pounds from his paperwork yet I would like to see that all in muscle. He will have a great exercise program here with our hills, trails and other dogs. Jay is a wee bit plump and quite out of shape plus seriously lacking muscle tone in his rump) and from looking at him, he has that wise/mature look of one that has seen and experienced much in his life. He does not appear to have any mobility issues and I will get my hands on him more thoroughly later to really examine him. His coat is very dry and flaky. I have begun to give him eggs/eggshells and we will hold off on a bath until a warmer day. He was sneezing upon presentation to BHRR and has an horrible infectious discharge from his nose that we were told about upon pick up today. I immediately put him on Cephalexin. He travelled well. Stood up a bit in the backseat and then settled down to lie most of the way home. He had some good snuffling of my hair and from his sounds, I think he liked my hair! LOL He is still slightly healing from his neuter and has two small areas(see Tain, Jay had no issues with a stranger touching his ‘twinkles’ or rather the remnants of what used to be his twinkles area!) that have had a mild reaction to the sutures. When Sean arrives home tomorrow(I have been flying solo since last weekend due to Sean plus wee ones heading to N.B. to visit his parents); I shall get a better look at his neuter site and I would like to get in his mouth etc. His nails are in pretty good shape in length and with regular trimming; will be nice and short to the foot in no time. He has an air of ‘aloofness’ about him yet I can also see ‘glimmers’ of a real affectionate boy. I know that he is able to bond quite quickly for when I went to get him today, he wanted to stay with his transporters. Already, he has made himself at home and jumped up on my counter with his front legs and and broke one glass. Gwennie’s Boot Camp is NOW in full session! He is quite talkative and even now when he went into his crate by himself; as I then closed the dog; he had a few things to say about that. 😉 He has seen Guinness and was indifferent and was quite interested in Potter’s incision and yet when Potter showed some interest in him, he was not overly accepting and grumped.  He clearly wants things on his own terms and we will be working on how the ‘sharing’ goes. It will be revealing to see how much of him is ‘bluff’ and ‘talk’ versus his true nature for after every ‘grump’ in his crate at another dog; he then makes a ‘whine’. Integration with Jay(L.J.) will be very slow so as to not ‘flood’ him and to also ensure that he is well aware of the house rules right from the beginning plus to keep all dogs safe. His crate was placed in the busiest part of the house; our sunroom(BHRR’s Jaxson’s crate) and he is going to see a lot of action yet when I noticed how infectious he was, I had to segregate him further away from all. When he jumped up on the counter and I told him ‘no’ and ‘get down’; he just looked at me, turned back to what he was doing and was prepared to do things when he wanted to do them. GOTTA love that steel and spirit he has!!!! I love personality plus filled dogs! He then found out that I was quite serious about getting down and then after he got down; he just sauntered off very deliberately as if to say ‘well, I was meaning to get down anyway!’ LOL OMG! I wonder how much play he has had in his life. He showed no signs of being interested in any toys that were out and about yet it has not been long for him here either. His leash manners are not great and with the chest on him; he can get quite the lower centre of gravity going. He did not lifted his leg here to pee initially yet then began to lift later on, another noteworthy sign of his personality and we shall see if that changes when he settles in; especially with three other intact males here right now(Windsor to be neutered when he is 6 months old and my laid back two show boyz). He likes to pee and walk at the same time though. He also has the pouting sounds down to a tee in his crate for as I am typing this; he is making sure that I am not forgetting that he is there. He has the nicest brown eyes and so full of deep emotions will update more later and if I forgot anything, will add it then. NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!