P. Byrne

Hi there,
I know this may seem a little out of the blue but I wanted to email you to just say how appreciative I am that there is someone out there willing to devote their life to saving the lives of animals in need. I find the great dane or giant size dogs in general amazing and I have always wanted one. It makes me feel good that I know there is someone out there helping them when most people would rather help the smaller dogs because its “easier”. I would love to one day be able to devot my life to helping dogs like you have done. I also would like to help you in any way you may need. I do not have a lot of money, but I would love to devot my time. I have seen these play dates that you have posted and I wanted to further inquire about that. How do you become an approved volunteer home?
Also is there anything else you may need a volunteer for?

Patricia Byrne