Some more information on L.J. who is currently being fostered by the Rescue Volunteer of another organization that contacted BHRR for assistance.

He was brought in to the MSPCA by the police – it was a drug raid. He has no history of aggression, and has been fine in my home with 2 rotties, a pittie and a cockapoo. He will socialize but has no reserve about letting the other dog know when he’s had enough – he’s not really a “rough housing” kinda guy. I also have two young children (5 and 12) and he has been fine – completely ignores him. He does food guard, and attempts to be dominant, but I was able to easily show him. I can honestly say he’s not the brightest dog I’ve ever met, but he’s laid back and go with the flow. He is also crate trained, house trained and I have him walking ok on lead, as long as you keep him close to you, or else he pulls. He is stubborn and unwillingly listens for a treat (you need to be persistant/consistant). He’s quite the character!