BHRR’s Storm now has her Rabies plus Health Certificate and her transport will begin tonight. The Vet has the same thought process as myself that she is no more than 11 months of age and has just come out of heat. Storm weighed in at only 86 pounds. 😥 Funds raised by the 2010 Calendar Contest hosted by Global Pet Foods – Kanata shall go towards her full vetting in addition to helping the Potter’s Path Fundraiser. Here is a another picture of BHRR’s Storm taken by the person who currently has her. Apparently, she has a high fixation level on Cats and squirrels yet has not harmed any of the cats in the three homes she has been in over the past week before BHRR was contacted to assist her. We have been told that she is very sweet, a runner and a ‘busy’ girl! Perhaps, being named ‘Storm’ is a self-prophecy for her! One of my main worries at this time is if she is pregnant. The Vet also had the same concern.

BHRR’s Storm *Photo courtesy of A. Davio