I ended up bringing BHRR’s Potter to the Vet on Wednesday night instead of November 23rd. I had been increasingly concerned about the growth on Potter’s left inner thigh and my suspicions were proven sadly correct. BHRR’s Potter has a Mast Cell Tumour. I have since created Potter’s Path Fundraiser Page for Potter requires a left hind leg amputation to give him a chance of living any quality of life moving forward. 🙁 Time is of the essence here and I am trying to get Potter into the same Vet that amputated BHRR’s Jaxsons left front leg plus shoulder blade on September 25th, 2009. I will be calling him first thing later today(now that we are almost 1:30 AM here) to see if I can get Potter in on Friday November 20th, 2009. We did pre-surgical bw, a FNA, UA and X-rays on Potter to date and his lungs are clear as of now. His weight was 28.4 KG(62.48 pounds) and the Vet says that his heart sounds fine and she thinks Potter might have a condition similar to Postural or Orthostatic hypotension that causes him to feel faint or dizzy and become short of breath from doing something too fast or much in his excitement or stress. I have also added new slides #10-#17 to Potter’s slideshow.

There is much urgency at this time to try and raise enough funds to put down a deposit for BHRR’s Potters surgery. We are trying to come up with between $500 – $750 in just under 24 hours so that we can have his surgery on Friday November 20th. We never dreamed we would be having to do another leg amputation so soon after BHRR’s Jaxson yet here we are and we are desperate to give BHRR’s Potter the best fighting chance possible to not have the cancer spread and for him to lose his life.

Please please please please consider donating to allow us to try and save BHRR’s Potter and allow him to travel along his Potter’s Path freely and without pain.