Well it is With GREAT JOY !!!…..That We Celebrate The New

Forever Homes’ of ABBI & MAZDA !!!! WELL DONE–> SEAN

& GWEN !!!! –> TRUE **PERSERVERENCE** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Also with Greatr Sadness Too !!! I Can’t Count How

Many Times’ I was Going to Contact Gwen….and Offer to

Adopt The Beutiful-Mazda….Who I Have Loved Right from Day

One- When BHRR saved Her….She was the Queen Fit for the

King—-> ****DRAGON****-R.I.P.- Not to Mention the

Little-Sisters’-Three- ?? Everyone chose their FAV…….

Mine was always ABBI….My Daughters’ was Mudslide …Among

Others’……ABBI had that Face that Just Talked to Me

From her Web-Site….Oh how I Hope the ForEver Homes’

Know How Lucky They Are ….That Gwen/Sean Has Blessed

Them !!! –> I Know Because -BHRR- Trusted -US- in 2006.

Although I Will Always’ -Wish that We Had These Two Giant

Queens’ to Compliment Our Two Male KINGS’ !!!!

DAM !!! I Wish We Had A BIGGER —> HOUSE ?????

Once Again—>**BRAVO**—> GWEN & SEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-ALL- GOOD THINGS’-COME- To Those ANGEL’s That -WAIT !!!!!

Another -TWO- Success Story’s From —> ****BHRR**** !!!!!!

And All the Best to the Lucky Adopter’s ….God Bless Your

—> NEW ADDITION’s and Good Luck !!!! HMMMM…..Maybe

YOU’LL NEED A BAY/SITTER-Sometime- ??? LOL :O) !!!!

THE RODGERS’ / (BHRR)’s -ZANE- and (GDRI)’s -Black-Jack-