We have had a lot of emails and phone calls wishing BHRR’s Jaxson all the best as he is now available for adoption. THANK you everyone! As BHRR’s Jaxson still has outstanding bills, we continue to hope that his adoring public will consider supporting him as he continues on his ‘healing’ Journey. I have added a new slide #12 from October 19th and am going to add it below as well. Jaxson’s face is priceless!!! This photo is taken just three weeks after his amputation! He is doing fantastic and Sean plus myself wil be tackling those nails soon. He had his first manicure/pedicure while he was under for surgery. We shall see how it goes! I have to say that Jaxson brings out the ‘kid’ in me! OMG! He loves the balls, rope toys and Kong toys. He and I could spend hours racing around our kitchen island or the house as we play ‘catch me if you can’. GOD! If I begin to slow down, Jaxson will come over and try to entice me to play again and he loves to play tug! His tail wags a mile a minute and gosh, he is just SOOOOOOO much fun! As my Bluez Boyz were away showing in N.S., he had taken to wanting to excite mouth and grab at our Cherokee’s long fur and I guess he did not find that all that appealing with hair in his mouth and I know that Cherokee did not either! She was most disgusted to find herself slimed (Guinness our EM used to put her whole head in his mouth when they were puppies and she was most inimpressed with that too). It is not the act of having her head in Guinness’s mouth that bothered here for she likes to ‘clean teeth’ and is often seen with her face in some dogs mouth; it is being goobed on! LOL Jaxson has his own ‘flavour’ of drool that he has been sharing with Cherokee. It has been very interesting since the Bluez Boyz returned home(Congrats again to TAIN on his CFC CH. title!). Jaxson has been really good around Bronson, only trying for his ears here and there but it is Tain that Jaxson has gone from indifference to excitment mouthing/grabbing and playing rough/having a great time together to honestly, not liking the ‘mushmouse’. These are two boyz close in age(14 months and 10 months), Jaxson is now neutered, Tain is not and Jaxson has no issues with ANY other dog here. He just does not like the mushmouse who is very confused and his feelings are actually ‘hurt’ by it all. I have no issues with a dog not liking another dog as not all humans like all other humans yet the dynamics of the change in this relationship is very interesting to observe. This is the first dog that Jaxson has not liked in the time that we have had him and he used to really love Tain. At this time, things are very closely supervised for Jaxson will be completley fine and then, what I am thinking jealousy kicks in(Jaxson lost his twinkles when he was under for his amputation) and then he heads purposely for Tain and body bumps him and attempts to nip at him. We will not allow this to escalate and we intercede(yes, we do not believe that all dogs should be working things out amongst themselves and we do not wish to see an escalation situation and we like body parts as they are on our dogs AND I do not want any of the dogs to have bad experiences from other dogs). In monitoring the pattern, it seems to be when Jaxson is overstimulated and/or quite tired. We either just give Jaxson some time out in his crate, so that he can snore for about 15-20 minutes or Tain goes to the masterbedroom as he is wants to get away from Jaxson’s pushy behavour. Tain’s reaction back to Jaxson really only ‘encourages’ the bully inside of Jaxson and I could swear that he is grinning from ear to ear as he sees how Tain reacts. Tain is very sensitive and very submissive and Jaxson likes to take advantage of that. I think he honestly does not respect such a personality/behavour trait as that. Bronson is a bit stronger constitution that Tain and Jaxson just seems to like his ears..a lot yet has no issues with him being intact etc. Bronson is also quite a bit older(almost 2.5 years now). I am going to really focus on this in the coming weeks etc. to attempt to understand better and learn more about this. Jaxson’s best of buds is BHRR’s Dana hands down. They share a lot of the ‘mischief’ and ‘bully’ type behavours yet Jaxson is not as ‘hardcore’ as Alvin/Dana is! BUT he is stubborn and if he is focused on something, he does not ‘hear’ his name either…sigh…LOL. Some days, I think those two should be adopted together, they are so close and then ‘reality’ kicks in and neither one of them is for the faint of heart! IT would take a very experienced, structured and obedience, NILIF oriented home to make it work successfully. Otherwise, as I am want of saying; they will be sleeping in the bed and the owner(s) on the floor! We believe in full disclosure at BHRR and all of this is very important information to know before a person should submit an application to adopt BHRR’s Jaxson OR BHRR’s Dana for that matter. They are both amazing, incredible dogs yet they are not perfect, no dog is and they will continue to need ‘work’ after they leave our home. We adore them no less and in fact truly do appreciate them for the dogs they are as they are so ‘honest’ about their feelings! BHRR’s Jaxson also sometimes does not wish to relinquish a stick or toy that he has gotten a hold off, yet it is more often that pencil he took from the kids school bags that he does not wish to surrender and he will hold it hard and fast in his mouth. AND boy does he love his sticks and branches and logs when we go walk about! I cannot believe he can stay balanced at times!

BHRR’s Jaxson – October 19th, 2009 – 3 weeks after amputation and LOVING the sand!