BHRR’s Porridge is doing well! He has not had another seizure and as tall as he is now; he is in another growth spurt! He is going on a playdate this upcoming Friday and I know that he will enjoy that. This will be his first time away from me with a playdate, so I will be curious to hear how it goes. He is a huge ‘Gwennie’ boy and I have been somewhat surprised on our GD Hikes just how close he wants to be to me. Mr. ‘Independent’ at home is NOT so independent outside the home. I am also going to post below a picture taken from our July 12th Microchip Chip/Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser. JUST a fantastic shot of him!

BHRR’s Porridge – July 12th, 2009 – BHRR’s Microchip/Nail Trim/BBQ Fundraiser
*Photo courtesy of T. Tarnoczy