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Nicole at 613-852-9724 or nsawatzk@connect.carleton.ca


Hi there! My name is Tyson and I’m about 4 or 5 years old. As you can see by my picture, I’m a pretty happy boy, but I have some trust issues because of things that have happened to me. See, when I was just a little boy, I was abused by the people who were ‘taking care’ of me. One day some kind stranger noticed what was going on and the people from the Sault Ste Marie, ON humane society came to pick me up and bring me to their shelter. It didn’t take long for someone to notice how handsome I was and invite me into their family. I lived with them for almost 3 years, and I loved them and their 2 children. About 10 months ago, they had another little baby, who was as interested in me as I was in her! Unfortunately, since I’m kind of a big boy and don’t know my own strength (and I’m clumsy sometimes), I often had to be put in the back of the house so I wouldn’t knock the baby over or scare her. After a while, my family thought it wasn’t at all fair for me to be locked away and they began to search for my new family. After placing ads, they thought they had found it: a nice woman who lived in the country side and had no other pets and would be able to devote all her time to me! When my family’s sister, Nicole, took me to this lady’s house, it turned out she already had 3 dogs and wasn’t even home to see me! Nicole knew this was not a good place for me to live, so she ended up having to bring me here to Ottawa with her.

I love living here with Nicole, but she and I both know I can’t stay with her forever. She is very busy with her classes and other commitments she had before she knew I would be living with her. She has been taking me for lots of walks and car rides, both of which I love! But she needs to find me a new forever family so that I can have some stability back in my life.

If you ask Nicole, she will tell you that I like to think I’m a lap dog and I’m very affectionate. I also like to play, A LOT! Especially with my stuffed toy that the children from my former family gave me. I don’t really like when people surprise me, it scares me and worries me that they might do something to hurt me. I’m very good on a leash and Nicole has noticed a big improvement in me even in the short time I’ve been with her. I’m a bit intrusive, but that’s just because I really like to be with people! I have a problem trusting people, especially men; I’m always worried they will hurt me like I was hurt before. But with time and patience, I learn to trust and I am able to love.

What I really need is someone who has dog experience and can devote time to making me a better pet. I’m very smart and would do well with training and obedience. I need a firm hand, but someone who teaches with love and food, and not punishment.

If you think you could be my forever home, please contact my friend Nicole at 613-852-9724 or nsawatzk@connect.carleton.ca