Michelle, Aurora, ON

Hi Gwen

I am writing you this email to let you know how wonderful I think your organization is!  I just happen to see your website today when I was searching bull mastiff rescue sites.  I am appalled (by human behavior) and amazed at the same time when I read the stories of the beautiful animals that you have helped over the years.  I share your love of dogs (all animals), and am the proud owner of Harley ( lab) and Toby (German shorthaired pointer).

I hope one day to rescue a large breed such as a bull mastiff or any other breed that I fall in love with.  I donated 100 dollars to your site and I also called the Kanata clinic and donated 100 dollars to autumn.

I will be sending future donations as well.  I really just wanted to send you this email not to tell you that I donated but to tell you how much I appreciate the work that all of you do!

Thank you so much

Michelle Moulton

Aurora, on