Thor is settling in well and this is now the opportunity to put together everything he learnt here plus some of what he learnt in his foster home for the last month and try to make things ‘click’ together for him in his brain. I want to now see how he is going to act around the other dogs that were not open to teaching him how to be a young adult. It is time for him to start now only to continue to piece together the social graces of normal, appropriate and expected behavour of him so that he can be that asset to the community BUT it is time for him to consistently demonstrate those behavours. He has already tried to do his ‘trick’ on Soul and was he ever surprised that Soul and Dyce both turned towards him with a ‘I do not think so’ look. Thor did try to press an advantage with Soul and when Soul stood up to Thor; he initially got a bit testy with the ‘HEY! What about me’ bark and then settled down with a ‘yeah, ok, I am ok, things are ok’ behavour. He is thinking more before he acts or reacts to things and that is good. He still is not overly fond and is just civil to poor Boba who just ‘does not get it’. Thor gets along with the other 15 dogs here without any issues whatsoever. Just as my Soul has been learning about no playing in the house so has Thor. Both of them are now ‘clicking’ with that part. Thor does not wish to walk into our kitchen though at this time. I am not sure why. He is still loveable silly Thor who has that lovely manipulative endearing almost always trying to get his way streak and his new home is going to have to really have the backbone not to fall for this for that is a sure way to set him and themselves up for failure. While he was happy to see Soul; he was most happy believe it or not to see Liquorice. Very interesting. She gave him a nice thorough sniffing and they both settled down on the one large dog bed here and had a nap. Thor still loves his outdoor activities. He just cannot get enough of the snow! I plan on bringing him in to get a re-weigh on him and I promise to take new pictures to post. It is funny when I try to type on my computer sometimes for I have Thor leaning his big block head heavy on one forearm and my Frost ‘T’ crammed in on the other side trying to do the same thing on the other forearm. He will just stay there, leaning on you and just waiting plus hoping for some loving. HOW can one resist???? 🙂 He is a really good boy and is going to do beautifully in the right home. I still learn towards a home that has only one other dog; preferably a male(would consider a female in only the right home/situation) and one that is a ‘natural’ leader. I am also open at this time to a home that does not have any dogs currently and will continue to expose and socialize Thor to many dogs in walks, parks, obedience and other social environments. Either home is going to have to have experience with Danes either now or in the fairly recent past and either home is going to have to understand and be prepared to continue to develop the correct behavour and not the ‘bull in a china and I can do whatever I want; whenever I want’ sometimes cute manipulative and slightly dom behavour. He is a most interesting package! There has not been one human he has not loved and been extremely affectionate too yet he is not high maintenance in the attention seeking etc. He only has the one quirky area that needs to be worked on and in the right home; this will not be a hardship. Like any of our dogs; he is not one that I want to see set-up for any kind of failure. Thor is extremely intelligent and his desire to please is incredible. He just needs to continue to learn right from wrong, that he is no longer a puppy and he has a much better grasp and understanding of that already. I cannot believe how much I missed this boy in the past month!