I wanted to also post that Thor’s nose has healed up beautifully and the two pressure sore spots he had on his hips are almost gone too. He has also not marked in my house since those first two times when he originally arrived here. Thor is now having limited and very supervised times(what I call ‘doggie boot camp’ training) with the 11 other Danes he had been interacting with for he is really ‘testing’ and I will continue to monitor and assess his behavour as he continues to leave the ‘honeymoon’ period. Today, he decided that of all dogs to try and dominate over, it was my Frost ‘T’. He has not yet been integrated with the other 5 dogs we have here for when we discovered that Liquorice had Giardia, we kept separate those that they had not yet been intergrated with. We want to be sure that the Giardia is all gone(so far all first post treatment fecals have come back negative for Maggi etc.) as we do not want to end up having these other 5 Dogs exposed. It is quite the ‘juggling’ act but we are managing. However; when Thor does see them; he becomes quite excited. Just like some people, some dogs are going to not like other dogs and for Thor he has never really liked Boba for some reason and they have a civil relationship. Boba on the other hand, ‘just does not get’ why everybody just does not love him! I am not sure if it is because of Boba’s colour or just a personality thing as Thor would never attempt to try any of his antics on Liquorice, who is also black. She just ‘shuts him down’ whenever he gets the idea of trying to dom over her. Liquorice has a look that just sets him straight and he is quickly ‘checked’ in his behavour. Soul, Boba and Lady do not have that same ‘leader’ type personality and Thor just tries to ‘rule’ over them at time and can become quite rough. Tomorrow night, it will be either him or Mazda that will be going to a Foster home that has come back on board from being off since May. The home can continue to work with his lack of correct dog play and social behavour and I will leave it up to their current Dane to decide whom he bonds with more. With humans, this boy could not be more sucky, affectionate and wonderful. We will have to be very careful about his placement as he will need this training to be continued in his new home so that he continues to learn ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. He continues to be extremely gentle about taking treats from us and you can handle his food and water without any issues. We have also been watching his growing ‘possessiveness’ over his crate when he is lying in it (door open) and other dogs approach but if Kona or another one of the more stronger personality dogs continues to just walk right in, Thor just moves over to give them some room! 🙂 So, he has a lot of ‘bluff’ about him and we want to foster the proper communication he should be having with the other dogs etc. I really want to get a current weight on him as well for he is looking STUNNING! I will try and take some new pictures of him to post.