You can clearly see that Thor is coming out more from that ‘honeymoon’ period and his tendency towards occasional dominance is very apparent. He has taken to having a domination episode with Soul, Lady and now Boba in the past week. He is going to require a firm understanding and patient hand in continuing to learn what correct ‘play’ and ‘social’ behavour is in respect to other dogs. At this time, I am leaning towards a home that does not have any other dogs or if they do; they have to be an experienced home with Danes of this particular personality for Thor is going to continue to need our work continued in that new home. I do not wish to see him ‘set up’ for failure. HE is the most loving of dogs and very playful and deserves the best yet I want his new home to be completely aware of what he has done and what we are working on. He is also being a bit of a ‘goob’ when it is time to come in from outside and he just does not want to come in. I just ignore him and bring all of the other dogs in and he quickly realizes that all the ‘fun’ has left and comes running in.