Thor’s neuter went well except his IV blew in his vein during the surgery so he has one leg still quite swollen but he is doing awesome overalll. HE was so happy to see Sean who picked him up and his is very much relieved to be home. He has now been microchipped plus has had his manicure plus pedicure. Once Thor is healed from his neuter and we get to do do a proper assessment / evaluation on him; he will be available for adoption for he truly is one awesome dog and the build-up of his confidence etc. can continue to be worked on in his new home. One will have to be careful how they work on this for he does have the ability to be dom over dogs with personalities like Soul with a very strong play behavour way about him that I do not wish to see go overboard. We will see how his neuter affects this and how more obedience and learning correct behavour will also make a difference. He will have to learn boundaries in a kind, patient, loving, firm yet not brutally strict kind of method. Thor has already shown some mild jealousy if another dog pushes in for my attention and he was already there so that is being checked in the proper manner with reassurance also being given to Thor that while it is not ok to be jealous, that I am not mad at him. He is also a bit possessive grumping when he is in his crate and another dog approaches it. I think Soul is going to be much relieved that Thor has now been neutered! 🙂 Thor has not marked in our house since the first night he arrived and has proven himself to be very housebroken. Through time, we will get to see more and more of Thor’s true nature and sides and already I can see that he ‘ain’t no wallflower’ of a dog. He is outgoing, curious and not afraid to try things.