BHRR’s Thor – Male, Black with White Great Dane born August 17th, 2004(2 years old), utd on shots (March 17th, 2007), natural eared, crate trained, good with kids as the Foster Home for the other Rescue had two boys and Thor will be altered. Thor is now on Sentinel, HW- and last weight recorded by someone was 129.60 pounds. He will be reweighed when I bring him in for his exam, microchip, manicure, pedicure and pre-surgery bw for neutering. Thor was part of 35 Danes seized in a cruelty case that took over 2.5 years to become settled with custody being handled over to Rescue. Thor was part of two litters born once their parent’s went into Rescue. I have also brought in one of his aunts, Liquorice who is HW+ into my program. According to the Rescue that I picked him up from, he was confined to a crate for extended periods of time and his nose is now raw. Since Thor’s arrival he has been really well behaved and has marked in the house only twice. This will most likely be fixed once he is neutered. He has also been very hormonal and my poor Soul has been the object of his affections. I have been crating him at night only and other than that he has been out and about and doing really well. His obedience is actually really good and he is eager to please. Thor is already interacting with 10 other dogs without any issues and he has proven himself very gentle when it comes to taking treats out of my hands. I can handle his food without any concern and he shares a water bowl wonderfully and can get the drool a rolling! 🙂 He is quite affectionate and his brown eyes really capture you! HE loves to play! More updates as we get to know him better. Thor likes to sit on his back haunches and shake a paw or hang his head on your arm for some loving. Thor is a very handsome boy, well in proportion and in the right light or next to Boba and Liquorice; he can appear to almost be a very deep dark blue. He also needs some more weight on his frame.