With Sean loving on BHRR’s Jaxson, I took out his drain last night. The drain ran the whole length of Jaxson’s shoulder right down to the end of his ribs. He made not one sound, layed there very calmly; soaking up the affection and did not even move one muscle. I cleaned up the whole area thoroughly with Betadine and Jaxson received lots of praise plus treats for his bravery! I am taking him in on Wednesday to remove the staples and any remaining sutures that will need to come out. We will be at 12 days after his amputation as of Wednesday. I also would like for the Vet to see how great he is doing! With the funds that we raised at our 2nd annual BHRR Boat Cruise/Dinner/Auction; we will be able to pay off the rest of Jaxson’s $1,007.36 Vet bill that is still owing + the cost of any recheck and we again THANK all of his incredible ‘angels’ for being there to support him. Jaxson will continue to have bills as we move to hydrotherapy and physio and we will keep Jaxson’s Journey Cause open to donations until such time as he is fully healthy. It is estimated that by the time Jaxson is healthy to adopt, his bills will run close to $4,000(if not more) and we only adopt the animals under our authority for several hundred. Reputable/quality Rescues DO NOT make money in Rescuing and as we take on many rehab animals that others cannot or will not plus focus on Giant Breeds AND those that are Special Needs; BHRR Bills are often quite high. However; to BHRR ‘success’ is truly measured in having these animals adopted into their forever loving homes or being part of our Perma-Foster Families or in our BHRR Haven Program. It is not Jaxson’s fault in having such terrible leg injuries that required an amputation or being left at a shelter to most likely end up being euthanized. We continue to say ‘who’ says that his life is any less worthy than another animal who has 4 working legs etc. BHRR believes that these animals are truly special WITH how they are so incredible and the life lessons that they can teach us humans are very valuable plus important ones. 🙂 Jaxson teaches me much about what it means to have ‘real’ courage and that life truly has no limitations if you believe in yourself. We never want to see anyone ever take that comfortable feeling Jaxson has in being who he is and that he is second to no other dog; away from him. He oozes a quiet, calm, confidence that is not arrogant; just ‘comfortable’. Jaxson lives under a ‘no pressure’ philosophy and success to Jaxson is not in just the big things, but the pleasure of all the little things! Jaxson lives in the thrill of a day of just ‘being’. He has the ability to ‘settle’ dogs down. A great Therapy Dog, Jaxson has the potential in making. He has so many amazing qualities this one. I keep saying, ‘he just steals you right to heaven’!