Jax had a bit of a setback on Tuesday night yet is better now. I suspected when I came home Tuesday night that his Duragesic patch was beginning to wear off (Day 4) and he was uncomfortable. I talked to the Vet on Wednesday who did the Surgery and we agreed to try and up his other pain meds to see if that would make a difference yet he was still quite uncomfortable with pale gums. He looked so sad and his ears plus eyes were not ‘Jaxson’. Temperature was within normal and nothing else to indicate that it was anything other than ‘pain’ control being the culprit. So, today, I went in and picked up a new Fentanyl 75 pain patch and Sean helped me to take off his old one and I put on his new one. When it kicks in, it is going to make him feel a lot better. He is draining a lot, so I am keeping the drain in for another day or so. Nice edema tinged with bright red blood. His incision looks fantabulous and I shall remove the sutures and staples next Wednesday or Friday, depending how everything looks then. The only thing that still sort of concerns me is his cold despite switching to Clavamox, he still has his bad cold. I cannot wait to see him get more weight plus muscle on him. He ate his supper really great tonight too so YAY! One week tomorrow since Jaxson’s amputation and he has been such a trooper!!!!! Only $1,007.36 left to pay off on Jaxson’s almost $2,500 Vet bill to date and we cannot say THANK YOU enough…from our hearts and on behalf of Jaxson; we just remain incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support and continue to beg and plead to his ‘fans’ to consider donating to his Jaxson’s Journey Cause to enable us to get him 100% healthy and on his way to being available to be adopted to that ‘right’ matched home!!! We will be doing hydrotherapy once his incision is healed enough and he is strong enough and any funds would be so apppreciated. On another note, his neuter incision looks fantastic!