BHRR’s Mazda proved to us at our BHRR Mini Open House on Saturday that she is truly not quite back to her ‘normal’ self. She was all excited and happy when people and dogs first began arriving and then she went into the one bathroom to stand there. She was just a wee bit overwhelmed. 🙁 Sean then took her down to our Recreation room, which is still her #1 most favourite place to be as she continues to mourn her BF KB/JB. This is her ‘safe’ place to be and she was feeling more comfortable shortly afterwards. I am hoping that she will still continue along her slow path to healing and moving forward and I have posted new playdates for October for our approved BHRR Volunteers to possibly take her out for some extra loving and attention. She did show her ‘monkey’ self when she continued to get on our leather couches and as soon as I got her off one, she would plunk right up on the other and when I pulled out the spray bottle, she gave me that ‘old’ Mazda look of ‘mulish’ behavour! OMG! I tried hard not to laugh at her antics as she exhibited some of her old spirit AND she can be so persistent when she wants to be! I have also uploaded two new pictures of her #28 & #29. We did have three homes interested in Mazda for a possible adoption after meeting her on Saturday and the one application received; unfortunately, cannot be considered at this time and we are awaiting to see if any more applications shall be sent for her. We are really rooting for Mazda for a great forever loving home. Our home at this time, retains far too many memories of KB/JB. 🙁 Those that met her, just adored her on Saturday and people continue to be stunned that she has not as of yet been adopted. She is not only a stunning looking GD; she is also a real dream dog with her lovely personality.

BHRR’s Mazda – September 26th, 2009 – BHRR Mini Open House
*Photo Courtesy of C. Desjardins