I just talked to the Vet. Jaxson was out of surgery by 3:00 PM and the Vet is very pleased with how things went. I was told that the nerve damage went deep into his chest and further than where the Vet was operating on and so most likely an injury deep into the spine that has resulted in Jax’s leg being the way it was. Apparently, he had no sensation or feeling in that leg from the chest downward(as per the findings of one other Vet that I work with of Jax having only ‘deep’ pain felt in some areas). The nerves were completely ‘dead’. Sometimes, when legs are being amputated and nerves are being cut; the leg will twitch, yet Jaxson had nothing. I talked a bit with the Vet as to his own expert view as to how this could have happened and it could have been 1) A Person(s) or 2) Jax culd have ‘possibly’ hurt himself yet regardless; shortly after he was hurt; he was dumped. That much is very clear. Poor Jaxson. 😥 BUT we care about Jaxson and his health plus happiness is a huge priority to us. So, after being seen by 4 Vets(two at the Shelter and two of my own), they are all in agreement with myself too; that this leg needed to come off NOW…. The next hour will be our next ‘worry’ point for sometimes they come out of leg amputations very dazed and disoriented. The Vet did say that due to all the nerve damage, that Jaxon might fare better coming out of the anaesthetic due to all the lack of feeling that he had previously. From there, we need to see how his pain management is going(he is on a Duragesic Pain Patch). The Vet is not overly worried about him not being on fluids in coming home yet we need to ensure that he is as comfortable as possible. We shall touch base in another hour to better determine the possible ‘go home’ plan for 6:00 PM tonight. After that, the following 72 hours will be our next ‘goal’ for Jaxson. Infection and shock are huge. The neuter went well too. Please please please consider helping us with Jaxson’s Journey Fundraiser, every little bit helps. I will update his blog as I can.