On Tuesday December 4th, 2012, I received the following about a Saint Bernard Male in Mexico, yes MEXICO!

My name is Pamela X and Im a Canadian living and working in Cancun Mexico.  I spend most of time here saving street dogs and work closely with islaanimals.org as well as CANDi (Cats and Dogs International), both organizations started by amazing Canadian women, doing much needed free spay and neuter campaigns for the street population as well as to pet owners who cannot afford it.

We currently have a pure bred Saint Bernard here who was rescued by Petopia Cancun.  He had ehrlichia, but was treated and is now clear.  He is currently getting neutered, dewormed, and all his vaccinations and should be able to travel as early as December 11th.  We are trying to locate a rescue in Canada that can help facilitate his adoption as he is not meant to be down here in the tropical climate.  They have had many people interested in him here, but they do not want to adopt him out here as pure breds are more exploited than anything else and as soon as they find out they are neutered, they turn them back out because they cannot make money breeding them.  

I look forward to speaking with you.  Please feel free to call me, and if Im not home, just leave a message and Ill call you back a.s.a.p