BHRR's Maggie May was ADOPTED today! 🙂

BHRR's Maggie May(our tripod Great Pyr) & her absolutely heavenly adoptive mom!
THIS photo just captures them both so well! 🙂
ADOPTED January 20th, 2013
AND they also wanted to adopt BHRR's Velvet and that shall be in April 2013 as we believe that homes should adopt one dog first and get all settled and then come back for another one. 🙂
SOOOOOOOOOOO, really, BHRR did two adoptions today…just one is staying with me until April. 😉


As Kinsley posted for me earlier on the BHRR fb page, I would drive TEN times the distance to do an adoption to a home like hers! The 12 hour roadtrip today WAS so worth it! This home first contacted me back on November 24th, 2012 and we have worked through this process slowly and our patience has paid off!

BHRR's Maggie May was not seen as a 'handicapped' dog at all in her eyes! She was seen as a very special tripod Great Pyr and it was meant to be…it really was!! THIS is why I have BHRR! WHY I do what I do 24/7…..HOMES like this for dogs like HER give me strength to take and help the next one despite all the pain and hurt and sadness.

I had so many great tears today…SOOOOO many!

I am still beaming!

I hugged BHRR's Maggie May, I told her over and over as I hid my face in her fur and whispered how her and my patience has brought her to where she is meant to now be…that I can 'let go' and let her begin this new chapter!

OMG! I am sooooooooo happy!

AND for BHRR's Velvet too…..this home has always wanted a Great Dane in their life since they were wee and that time shall come in a few months.

The dog bed that BHRR's Maggie May is laying on has a very special story.

On my way to go to pick up BHRR's Cancun from the airport on Thursday the 17th, Sonyia handed me a dog bed and told me that her husband(who is a Vet) had done a recent home visit to humanely euthanize a 17 year old GSx. The whole family was there including their two teenage sons who had known this sweet dog their whole life. At XMAS, they bought a beautiful dog bed for their dear canine family member and she passed away not long after.

They wanted to donate the dog bed to help another dog and their grief was so strong. Dr. mike said that he knew of a place that could use the dog bed and how about if the dog bed came to BHRR and when one of their special dogs was adopted, a photo would be taken and sent to them so that they could know that another very amazing special dog was being helped, and perhaps it may assist them through their heartbreaking loss of their own family member.

When BHRR's Maggie May was adopted today, I brought out this dog bed that she and BHRR's Velvet enjoyed on the way down to the TO area and told her new adoptive family the story and the family was in tears of sadness and empathy for this kind family's loss and they wanted me to ensure that Sonyia was aware of their gratefulness and thanks and even offered to pay for the bed. I said if I could get a photo of BHRR's Maggie May on the bed, for the family to have, that they would really find that comforting.

BHRR's Maggie May and her new forever loving mom and BHRR's Maggie May on this very special dog bed. So touching…..