HERE is the album on FB that I have been creating for BHRR's Concert and her incredible life of adventures and dreams fulfilled!

With how much I have on my plate these days, it is going to be very hard for me to post a blog here and posts/updates there, so I shall keep the link to her photo album current on her blog for people to virtually be a part of her living LIFE to the fullest!

This is BHRR's Concert's 11th journal entry of her my wish for her 'warmth and love from caring people', a celebration of the life that she is going to be living for as long as we can give it to her in quality!

On Friday October 5th, BHRR's Concert came to do a Home Visit with an approved BHRR Volunteer. Below are some photos taken during that home visit.

This home was AMAZING! Even made her a Birthday Cake AKA Celebration of her Life Cake! I shared with the home that BHRR's Concert's time was drawing ever nearer and it made the night, one of smiles and some tears.

I let them know that I had scheduled to let BHRR's Concert go the next day. The Cancer had spread to her brain and spine.

Front Door when we arrived & the decorations in their home for BHRR's Concert

BHRR's Concert sporting her CBC(that she was buried with) chilling on their deck and then enjoying her cake!