2:00 AM update, BHRR's Dana's vital were stable and she was hanging in strong.

Sorry, that I have not been able to get on here much to thank from my heart and soul plus beyond for all the love shown to us and BHRR's Dana. AS so many know, this GD is a very special girl and I ADORE her! JUST adore her!

AND Sean tells me that $232 has been donated to her care to date. OMG! The tears that I have been holding at bay could just spill over with such generous and kind hearted reaching out to assist her. Christmas is so tight financially for all and this means the WORLD…….AND I know that this very special BBBBB would be smacking all with her happy tail if she could.

Will be getting another update shortly to post.

THANK all of you again for the strength and caring flowing her and our way.

Alta Vista Animal Hospital
2616 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K1T 1M9
(613) 731-6851


It is the XMAs season and we have no right to ask, beg, plead or grovel for assistance with her mounting Vet Bills and as always, I have no pride when it comes to these BHRR animals and if anyone wishes to consider donating to her mounting Vet Bills, please do call Alta Vista Animal Hospital directly at (613) 731-6851 and her account is under the name of 'DANA' Boers or you can have them look it up under the phone number of (613) 725-4279, which is the Rescue phone number. You would have the very tearful gratitude of myself, Sean plus BHRR's Dana's happy tail wags…….

OR PayPal 'gift' to gwen@birchhaven.org

OR email transfer to gwen@birchhaven.org

BHRR's Dana's DARLING ANGELS: $1,332 donated to date & Bills $5,987.34 and climbing
Caren(12 Days of Giving & Pumpkin Biscuit Sales)