BHRR’s Banzai was 57.5 KGs(126.5 pounds) and quite thin. It has been a very busy couple of days and now I have completely exhausted my search on a microchip trace. From here, my goal is to make him as happy and healthy as can be. I had my Vet take a good look at him from head to toe and she concurs with me on the findings: conjunctivitis; poorly healed fracture of the right foreleg; one testicle undescended and the other not quite ‘normal’; possible HD, a stifle and/or knee injury to one or both hind legs and some healing punctures from either a bite or from having been caught up in some fencing on his one front leg too. As for his mouth, we could look at his teeth again yet any further back was quite difficult and I did not wish to stress Banzai out any more than necessary. The Vet thinks 3.5 years at the very top and that 3 sounds very feasible. He was so quiet and good in the run in he back and his leash manners are quite excellent. The Vet also felt that his failed ear crop was a pretty nice crop when it was done, the edges are nice and clean. I am trying some other food options with Banzai to see if I can get him to eat, his urine is still very concerntrated yet his water intake is much better. We did some bw for HWT and a full CBC and baring anyting major and after I can get some more weight on Banzai; we are going to neuter him and take some X-Rays. We are looking at approximate Vet Bills of $1,500 at this time. He has a lot of medical situations happening right now, the poor thing yet he still can wag his tail for me and rode like a pro in the back of my vehicle. On the way home, I did the ‘usual’ Timmie’s stop as a reward and he did not take to Lemon, Cinnamon Sugar or the Plain donuts but he sure did like the Chocolate Dip; so that is what Banzai had! 🙂 He has now been integrated with Cherokee, Lil Linus and somewhat with Porridge plus Guinness. He feels so much more comfortable around the girls and BHRR’s Dana is the only one that he feels just fine going into his crate and eating his food. The integration with almost 11 week old Kingston was a bit too much for him. He just wanted in his crate to ‘hide’. He is very much a ‘small’ home/house boy and if I can find the right matched foster home for him; I will place him there. I think he is almost shell shocked by all the activity here with dogs, horses and kids. He is very sweet and takes treats gently from my hand and I have just found a new delight for Banzai and he now likes the Marrow Dog treats(THANKS Mary!), so we have another winner! The first couple of times I tried them; he was not interested yet he will eat them now. He has shown no aggression or resourcing or guarding over his food yet he does like his ‘privacy’ when he is in his crate and wishes to be alone. He will just curl up in the back. His favourite places are either his crate in the sunroom or lying near me as I type on my computer in the sunroom. He is really beginning to wag his tail more and more and seems really proud of himself when he barks at a sound outside! LOL We do not wish to encourage a ‘barker’ and I tell him that he is ‘ok’ and he settles right down. He really needs a bath plus a nail trim and that is something that we shall take on in the next day or so. I do not wish to rush him for he is in a really ‘fragile’ place right now. 🙁 He has not even had the confidence to explore more than the sunroom and part of the main floor to date. We keep things at his pace and each day brings new beginnings and learnings for both of us. He is very calm plus quiet around every person and dog that he has met and at the Hospital did just fine with all.