Late last night, I received a call about a male Blue Great Dane that was picked up by a person that I show with. He is intact, thin, has a failed crop and appears to be no more than 3 years old. She spent 4 hours out trying to catch him after he was brought to her attention and then she called me and I left the drive-in with my kids and came to pick him up. I shall scan him for a micochip (just in case he was ‘lost’ yet no news had come across the ‘network’ about anyone missing their Blue Great Dane) and there are ‘other’ things that at this time, that possibly lead me to believe that he could have been ‘dumped’ but I will not go completely down that thought process at this time for as we know; obvious appearances can be ‘deceiving’. I aim to bring him in on Monday to my Vets to have an exam also performed and to look into some of his obvious medical issues more closely. My promise to this person was that I would keep him pretty limited on my website at this time until we determine more about if he has a microchip; his health(I am not liking a few things that I have learnt…. 🙁 ); and that ‘they’ might like to ‘officially’ adopt him if it is possible(health plus other factors) and they are approved. I will post a couple of pictures of him on our BHRR FB Group page so that ‘she’ and her family can follow his progress that way and see pictures of him, when she cannot get to see him in person. He is a lovely boy and very stressed, slight dehydrated(not surprising) and as mentioned; I am quite concerned about some obvious ‘medical’ conditions he is sporting. This person has very generously offered to assist us where they are able to; with costs of X-Rays and other required medical bills for his care. I have decided to name him BHRR’s Banzai and I am so in love with his ‘white/silver’ muzzle! NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!!