We are going to be giving Mazda some daytrips and playdates with dogs and people she loves over the next week plus instead of staying with someone. That does not seem to be working out to get her that mini-vacation; so hopefully; this will also be in her benefit. With us re-doing our floors(we do them twice a year) and Sean plus Kids heading off to NB in the wee hours of Saturday AM; I had hoped to extend her Vacation in a home from Friday to the 9th; and now that we are in very short notice with August around the corner; I am not hopeful of finding another approved home on such short notice yet I am sure that all will be ok. 🙂 Though, we are limping along here; I shall keep things as consistent and constant for Mazda as I can while our home is in a bit of dissarray over the next week+ and everyone but myself is away. She is slowly improving with eating plus sleeping and may the new memories plus experiences that she will be given and the seeing of old friends, both human and doggie greatly assist her on her journey to healing.