Thank you to everyone that has answered my call for assistance for BHRR’s Mazda. We received 31 replies to my message sent out on our BHRR Facebook Group and we are delighted to say that she shall be going back to a home that she knows and she adores their current Dane and I shall rest more in peace knowing that she is going on a mini-vacation(she loves those!); for our home continues to be full of confusion and such sadness for all. She needs to continue to heal and I want her to try and move forward and the new memories that she will be having from August 2-9; will go a long way to mending her own broken heart. I wish I could just take her and all of the rest of our dogs; pain away…… A huge thank you being sent out again to all for stepping up and continue to support us with the hell that we have been experiencing with our losses from July 17th – July 24th.