I took Porridge into work with me today to do his annual and to get some extra assistance with his nails as Sean is still laid up from being in the hospital with his back. Porrdige weighed 65.6 KGS(144.32) pounds and while he looks wonderful; especially for a MegaE dog; he is a wee bit on the thin side. I would like to see about another 10 pounds on him at this age/time. The Vet thinks he looks fantastic though! He received a great check up and I had his vaccines updated. We have a person here, who has just finished up her first year of the tech program and I asked if she wanted to practise drawing blood on Porridge and both did awesome! I had her draw blood from his back leg, front leg and jugular and I could not be more impressed with both of them! 🙂 He did have a bout of diarrhea outside from all of the excitement yet really enjoyed the company of everybody and all animals. When he was at the Hospital, he had that darn happy tail and now we have a tail tip injury….sigh….He gave it a good crack a couple of times on the walls coming into the hospital the wee goober! He was just so excited!