He just made some more friends this week! He is now fully integrated with BHRR's Autumn, BHRR's Canvas, Brick and both of my bluez boyz……

He and Brick LOVE LOVE LOVE to rock the yard together! 🙂 He is now fully integrated with all the dogs here but two, my class clown Sir Maestro who is often away showing and my 9.5 pound Sir-Bounce-A-Lots.

If a person does a slow introduction to BHRR's Dozer, he is FABU extreme with all women and dogs to date! I still would not have him around dogs under the weight of 25 pounds at this time BUT he is getting there! He is no longer so terrifed of those small dogs and their erratic, spastic movements do not seem to focus him the way they once did. YAY!

Just a couple more out of BHRR social dates with 'strange men' and he should be ready to be placed up for adoption! HE has rocked his rehab journey! WTG BIG BOY! 🙂