He is NOW on his way! He is safely with Fiona's mummy and LOOK at that collar she got from Crazy Beautiful! STUNNING on him! THANK YOU!


UPDATE Below From Fiona's Mummy – Just before Noon October 19th:

"He is very scared of people. Head lowered as he looks up you. So skittish he has to be double leashed.

Very big (long and tall). Painfully skinny. I gasped when I first saw him. He slept to our first stop. I look back to check on him. All I see are ribs and a spine.

I had not had breakfast so I stopped at a pit stop in Hudson. I got an bacon and egg English muffin at Eggcellent. I got him one. We are now best friends! I almost got a kiss. Now he is up and is looking out the front and is smelling my hair. He is relaxing. He is afraid but is looking for someone to cling to.

He's gorgeous, or as Fiona would goygeous! Real stunner. He is sweet. He is insecure.

As soon as I start the car, he will fall asleep again.

I told him about Birch Haven. He doesn't believe me…"

*Photo coutesy of V. Cousineau