Most heartfelt thanks continue to be sent to everyone that continues to keep KB/JB in their prayers and thoughts plus Sean. KB/JB is ‘hanging’ tough and strong and I had wanted to be optimistic in that we would have him with us until the fall yet I am also trying to be a realist and am aware that this may not happen. I continue to look deep into his eyes and he continues to look straight back at me with clear and focused KB/JB character and though someday’s those eyes might be more clouded with discomfort; he remains quite strong at this time. He has not wanted to go on any more walkabouts of late and that is ok. He is most content just hanging around the house and be near Sean and Mazda most of all. As I keep saying, as much as he loves me; when Sean comes home from work; the ‘hopping’ he will do with his leg held up in excitement; just speaks tons for how close those two are. Mazda on her own volition will often just wish to be in the rec room with KB/JB and we continue to keep him closely supervised when the ‘rough’ boyz are out there like Dyce. We have also started to notice that he seems ‘sad’ when the play picks up and he cannot participate. I do not wish to keep him segregated completely from all of his friends(as is, we keep him quiet when company is over so as to not over excite or stress him) yet this sadness really is distressing to see. I know that Dyce, one of his closest play buds(MAN! DO they have the tough play down pat and have been close friends for all of Dyce’s life!) is also confused by things. That leg of KB/KB is so fragile that we do not wish to see him harmed and this rough play and running and bouncing has been very much part of his life up until the last few months and it has brought Sean and I discussing the whole ‘quality’ of life again. We have always said that for any dog; we would do ‘quality’ of life; not quantity and we find ourselves on a bit of a crossroads with some choices to make. We will not have him die with a broken heart or in spirit in addition to his osteosarcoma. 😥 We have much to discuss and think over and decide.