HERE is the album on FB that I have been creating for BHRR's Concert and her incredible life of adventures and dreams fulfilled!

With how much I have on my plate these days, it is going to be very hard for me to post a blog here and posts/updates there, so I shall keep the link to her photo album current on her blog for people to virtually be a part of her living LIFE to the fullest!

September, 2012 – This is BHRR's Concert's third journal entry of her my wish for her 'warmth and love from caring people', a celebration of the life that she is going to be living for as long as we can give it to her in quality!

UPDATE: BHRR's Concert had a simply heavenly day on Saturday September 1st –

*She started off her day with visits at KAH from Krysta and her dear hubby (I microchipped a couple of their dogs today and for the kindness they have showed to BHRR, I donated several microchips to their Rescue). They donated some really yummy fish for BHRR's Concert! Thanks for the visit, as short as it was AND I cannot wait to unveil the very special memorable gift you have bestowed upon BHRR's Concert! 😉 THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

*BHRR's Concert then had a very sweet lovely surprise visit from BHRR Volunteers Lesley and Martin at KAH and they made BHRR's Concert feel very relaxed and safe. She had a lovely wee visit with them and THANK you for the time you gave to her today and for the yummy treatie for her!

*BHRR's Concert then had visits from Lynn & Al, Maggie Bird & Derek Bird and was once again surrounded by positive energy and wonderful karma and THANK you to each home for all the personal items of comfort and joy for her to relish and savour! The chicken was a HUGE hit!

*BHRR's Concert then went over to have a visit with Auntie Sarah and her sweet crew of Ali, DD, Paris and Abby. Auntie Sarah gave her some very special homecooked salmon and even handfed it to her! 🙂

**Thank you to Maggie and Derek Bird in hanging out with us again today and for the photos and assistance to help me capture BHRR's Concert 'LIVING LIFE**

BHRR's Concert came home so relaxed and happy and content. I know that her dreams tonight shall be filled with the best ones EVER! Deeply, from my heart; I truly reach out with my heart to thank everyone for helping me fulfill this wish of mine for her! The sad news is that the Cancer has begun to diminish her lung capacity and our time is ever precious with her…..AND that tumour is now bigger…..BUT her tail was all wags and she pranced and danced and explored and did some trotting to show everyone that she is thriving and not ready yet to leave us……

Sunday, she rested and hung out with her friends at BHRR…….it is very important for me to make sure that she rests and eats and drinks and does not overdue things…..AND she is showing me that she is having so much quality of life!!! LOVE HER! LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog! A dream/gift to those that touch her and those that she shall touch.

September 1st, 2012 – growing. 🙁

I cannot change her past(as much I would like to) nor what shall happen all too soon in her future BUT I can sure give her; with the amazing folks that are helping me; the best life can offer as her present!

AND I honestly would like to believe that many out there would do the same for their dying loved ones. AND with the way that the community has stepped up to assist in helping me have her live the life she is living right now; I really believe that… much good out there….there really is. The community is making dreams come true for her! She has learned about soft dog beds and that touches do not mean pain and having to flinch away and that at night, I will go outside with her if that is what it takes for her to pee and not feel like she is abandoned. That she can trust and relax(AND she is so much more relaxed now than she was) and people are surrounding her to take care of her and see that she is not doing without and has every possible comfort. I am deeply humbled and touched and in awe of the sheer warmth of everyone out there!!! 🙂

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of 'Birch Haven Rescue' for 'Concert'. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to

OR via PayPal(please use the 'gift' option)

"CARING FOR CONCERT" ANGELS     $914.55 donated to date & Bills $1,417.23

Anna & Peter
Penny – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
Edina – PayPal took $3.20 in fees
Heather – PayPal took $2.25 in fees *Donation to buy personal items for BHRR's Concert's comfort and enjoyment
The King Family – socks & canned food
The Bird Family – special Santa items
Margaret – Costco dog bed, brown rice and fresh salmon
Simone*Donation to buy personal items for BHRR's Concert's comfort and enjoyment in honour of BHRR's Atlas'/Emma's names
King Family
Aileen – personal items for her enjoyment including music CD
Williams Family – fish
Al/Lynn – personal items for her enjoyment and pleasure
Sarah – fish
Tauny -personal items for her enjoyment and pleasure
Genesis Dog Rescue – personal items for her enjoyment and pleasure – sentimental collar/leash for memory keeping
Tanya – Crazy Beautiful – collar
Suzanne/Chuck – personal item for her enjoyment and pleasure

**IF I am forgetting any ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

Lynn & Al – September 1st, 2012
*Above Photos courtesy of M. Bird