So, tonight as BHRR's Scarlett(who arrived 6 days ago) went outside; I looked at her closely and then looked at Sean and then at her and then at Sean…..

Just as I was about to ask – 'does she look like she is gaining weight as if she is pregnant?'; Sean says 'does her nipples look very swollen and mature to you?'

We look at each other and then I have my hands all over BHRR's Scarlett and then I look at Sean and said, it is one of four things:

1) false pregnancy
2) possible heading into heat
3) weight gain for she was a bit ribby arriving last Sunday
4) pregnancy

Then, I sit and watch her real close. I am not liking the way that belly is looking….

So, her original appointment at the Vets was suppose to be last Monday yet; I was at emerge and it had been rescheduled to the 14th of September with her spay to follow shortly afterwards; BUT; I am calling first thing on Tuesday and am heading in ASAP!

With this past week with BHRR's Concert's immediate needs; I have perhaps missed a possible earlier sign of a possible pregnancy. I freely admit to not being an expert as I have never bred a litter yet; there are signs I am a bit; ok; well lot worried about.

AND if she had arrived to BHRR when she was originally suppose to; her appointment at the Vet's would have been even a week earlier than what was scheduled this past Monday.

AND as most who follow the BHRR blogs should know; with the most recent 'possible' of BHRR's Emma(which turned out not to be a pregnancy); we shall abort if this is the early stages.

Once again; I understand how this is a controversial subject to some yet; I stand by all the same reasons I stated with BHRR's Emma that include that having her whelp a litter is adding yet more animals in a system where so many already do not have homes. I stand firmly that only certain dogs should be bred, that breeding should not be taken lightly and that breeding should be done by highly r/q show breeders.

So, while there will be a few(again) who think it cruel to abort an early pregnancy ( would not ever jeopardise BHRR's Scarlett's health if it is too late in stage); should it be shown that she is pregnant – I invite you to come to my home and help ensure that she receives all the special prenatal care she deserves, be there around the clock for whelping time; prepare a whelping box, prepare for the very real possible of having to rush to emerge for a c-section(in the wee hours of the AM quite possible); prepare to have some survive and others not; prepare for possible tube feeding every two hours should mom not be able to feed or reject them or dies; prepare for vet visits for exams and boosters and altering and assist me with microchipping and the feeding of mush to kibble and what if any are special needs pups and begin to housetrain after weeks of cleaning up after them and the sleepless nights and the cost of it all…..thousands and thousands and thousands of $.

My commitment to BHRR's Scarlett is just that my commitment and dedication to her welding and *if* she is pregnant and if, it is too late to spay; you bet I shall be first in line to make sure all the above and then some is done and done to the best of the best of how it should be.

First step, see if she is pregnant first though… 😉

Relaxin testing, x-rays and u/s coming up!

She is integrated with all here and doing very well. Likes to hump our Kingston and try to push our Cherokee around and is very Pyr in many ways!!

The stumpy tail is black lab though!! While her brother looked Pyr/Newf; she is small and compact like a lab with a Pyr face and 'tude while at the same time is sooooooo affectionate!