FREEDOM DANE BHRR's Peanut told me today that she is ready for her new forever loving home. So, she is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!

One that is going to be patient, kind, understanding and lovingly consistent to help her continue along her amazing foundation path developed at BHRR.

She says that she is still shy in new and strange surroundings yet in that right forever matched home, she knows that she shall continue to become more comfortable and brave…..

She will need a very patient, quiet, understanding and lovingly consistent home that will not rush her and will continue to build upon all the storng foundation she has had built up at BHRR; yet; she is ready…

She is shy and yet; when you earn her trust and respect; she is so loving and affectionate and you just cannot walk a straight line as she is always there and she loves to knock you from behind the knees and make your legs give!

She is playful and she will thrive in that right matched forever loving home. One that is not going to push her, yet; expose her slowly to continued wonderful things that life can give her.

She is only going to get better and better here at BHRR and we will work with the home that proves to be the right one for her for continued success!

I am going to miss her though…..she is a real real real gem!

She has had some really good social outings with myself. The car still worries her some and she is quite quiet in new surroundings yet; we shall continue to bring her out and about and have others have playdates and day trips with her to keep her going forward.

She cannot be rushed yet; the world shall be laid at your feet for that right matched forever loving home that is prepared to give her the time she needs plus deserves.

Here is a VIDEO of her very first out of BHRR social date!  Thanks to D. Bird and M. Bird for having us over!!

BHRR's Peanut