Sunday at 5:41 PM, I said good-bye to one of my best of friends; BHRR’s Klondike(Jasper’s full brother from a different litter & the other half of the HUGE inspiration for me to create BHRR in 1996). He waited until I came home from a hike with friends; looked at me as soon as I walked in the door and I ‘just’ knew what he was telling me……I sat down with him; hugged him; kissed him tons; bathed him in my many loving tears and told him it was ‘ok to leave…that he was so loved and to go be with Jasper and that I would see him again’ and he passed away not even 10 minutes later. He waited until I got home and I knew as of Satruday that we were getting closer for him to leave us for he had a bit of a rough day; yet he ate his supper and slept well that night plus had a good quiet day on Sunday with Sean & Kids while I was out. I just did not think that it would be so soon after Saturday to have to say good-bye…..I always promised him that I would not allow him to ever reach a point of suffering and even told him on Saturday that I would make an appointment this week if needed yet just like Frost ‘T’; he decided that he wanted to pass away at home. As Jasper was to Sean; Klondike was to me and our hearts are extremely heavy with immense sadness and pain. Almost 13 years together and it feels that in a blink of an eye; time has just raced on by and I so wish that sometimes we could just stop time…… 😥