Your blog about Mazda makes me very sad. To think of such a loving creature having such a difficult time finding a forever home, breaks my heart. My daughter has been asking me for a dog for many years, but I wanted to be sure we could give it the proper love, attention and time he/she deserved before I told her yes. That time has arrived and we’re looking to adopt a large breed. The more I read about Mazda, the more I thought my daughter and I could provide her with the home that she needs, but then I read your requirements and, unfortunately, we would not be accepted. Although I am originally from Ontario, I now live in Cheektowaga, NY …my daughter is 9, and although I’m 35, I’m a graduate student. It seems we violoate MANY of your requirements 🙁 When I was young,my Mom bred Irish Wolfhounds and among them was a female, brindle Dane named Talon. She was the runt of her litter and beside all of the Wolfhounds she really looked quite small. Her size had nothing on her character though, she was precious. I wish Mazda all the best and hope for her forever home to present itself soon. I often miss living in Canada, and Mazda’s story has definitely made me wish I was living there still. Maybe then we could be her forever home. I will continue to read your blog about her, with fingers crossed.
Best of Luck,
Stephanie Newman