BHRR took another painful loss to our hearts and home today.

We lost another Haven Dog. BHRR's Hamilton The Newf had what the Vets believe to be a heart attack.
He had a normal day, nothing unusual and when we were getting ready to feed all the dogs; BHRR's Hamilton the Newf was found laying in his favourite place, in one of his fav. laying positions by Kinsley's bedroom as if he was sleeping. He had passed away in his sleep.

In April he had a great annual visit – nothing abnormal noted at all, came to Pet Valu for the Pet Appreciation event also in April, had his special date in May, came out to work with me, dog walks/hikes etc. and it is like a car accident – he was here and now he is not.

We are just trying to breathe….one painful gasp at a time as we try to comprehend that he shall no longer be with us…..
He would have been 5 years of age come September; way too young. Just way too young.

We sit here stunned……..unable to do much than try to draw in air into our lungs that are squeezed so tight and our hearts are so heavy in agony. RIP my dear 'speckled tummy puppy'……. 🙁

BHRR's Hamilton The Newf – April 2012 & HOW you are are going to be remember – stunning and happy and just wonderful!