BHRR’s Ani had her Vet appointment tonight and superstar she was!

She weighed 49.1 kgs(108.02 pounds) and looks marvellous! No more weight should be gained by her.

Her coat was as beautiful as her obedient, playful and charming personality.

She was super quiet and is at the age of being young and youthful while having the maturity of a dog that has passed all the chewing plus destruction stages. 😉

There was a whole team of us seeking to determine if she is spayed. She is really immature in her body signs and we think we feel a spay scar underneath her skin. The consensus is that she is spayed and as we know how long it takes for these gorgeous black beauty dogs to have their forever loving home find them; we will have months to monitor her.

All dogs leave BHRR altered; unless there is a medical reason why this is not possible.

She was given a hwt, microchipped plus had her DAPP booster. Superstar again!!

She does have some tartar on her back teeth yet; nothing major. Some good nutrition and proper dink bones etc. To chew plus massage her gums shall really help.

In two weeks time; this lovely FABU girl shall be placed up for adoption! 🙂