UPDATE: 'Dozer' the EM/Neox is now safe in the hands of a BHRR Volunteer. They will meet another transporter who shall then meet myself and I will transport the rest of the way back to BHRR.

We have been told that:
1) does not like to share food
2) does not like his feet touched
3) was not bothered when the other dog there who was all hyper was all over him. Wanted to be more left alone than anything

We shall evaluate further at BHRR.

We have been told that the home has not had the time to spend with him these past many months and he has been kennelled at their home. Apparently, he will bark at strangers and is lacking training and socialization. They have another dog they obtained a year ago and feel they need to focus on what she needs at this time and wanted more for Dozer than what he had been receiving to date.

He is a brindle, 3 year old male, neutered, utd on vaccines English Mastiff/Neo Mastiff.


BHRR's Dozer