Mazda had her annual tonight and did GREAT! She is a pleasantly plump 54.2 KGs(119.24 pounds). 🙂 I have revamped our vaccine protocol for our own dogs and those in our Rescue program and no longer administer the Lepto vaccine. She was such a hit as always and hung up at the front at reception greeting everyone and every animal! She still has that heart rate that does an extra beat every now and again yet with having two vets look her over (one of them was the vet from last year as well) and she was deemed healthy as a horse as she has always been!!!!! LOL 🙂 Many commented that it was such a shame that her forever home has not yet come by and I was very honest that should this not happen by end of April, she shall become one of our BHRR Haven dogs. She is a very close play partner of both KB/JB and Cherokee and is one of ‘Sean’s Babies’. I really do need to post new pics of her!